Sku: 38640

Производител: NICI – Световноизвестна немска марка за плюшени играчки

Удобна детска раничка с размери 39х39х8 см. с формата на кактус.



NICI’s wild plush toys make a really adventurous trip: Hippo Balduin and his bold buddies, giraffe Debbie and porcupine Chris, make a trip to the big city. None of them has ever been there, but they all heard wild and crazy stories about life in the city. Oh, what fun it will be! „I’m not going anywhere without my beloved cactus,“ Balduin, the hippo, shouts and resolutely packs his cactus. Of course, the three friends go to see the musical about the king of all animals which made one of their cousins quite famous. They friendly say hello to every zebra crossing they pass on their way to a luxury resort where some of their relatives live and enjoy the indulgence of fixed feeding times and scheduled photo shootings. For all friends of wild adventures the three plush toys Balduin, Debbie, and Chris are available in different shapes and sizes to be loved and cuddled. They also come as various amazing gift articles for kindergarten, school, and your home.

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